Karl Martin Sinijärv


Interview with Karl Martin Sinijärv

ELM: What to ask of a 32-year-old writer whose first book appeared 15 years ago, and who is equally busy as a TV host, restaurant critic, book reviewer, and market advisor to a cultural newspaper? Who has for years been an active journalist and worked in various advertising agencies? Who claims that he would actually prefer to sleep? To start with, let us ask: what are you doing at the moment?Karl Martin Sinijärv: I just took a goose out of the deep freeze to defrost so I can cook it tomorrow. I am also contemplating two pounds of beef fillets that must be coated with herbs and then stuck into the fridge to set before being cut up into carpaccio. Tomorrow, after all, is the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and Shrove Tuesday as well, which means that I have to put the peas to soak and buy properly smoked ham and fat at the market. And naturally see that there is enough vodka, and put glasses into the deep freeze. So in fact I am quite busy at the moment. >>

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