Death dance of a tightrope walker

by Hannu Marttila, translated by Christopher Moseley


Jaan Kross – An Estonian ambassador

By Cornelius Hasselblatt


Past Master by Ian Thomson

by Ian Thomson

Saturday July 5, 2003The GuardianJaan Kross survived the Nazi and Soviet occupations of Estonia and hard labour in the Gulag. Denounced by the censors for his poems, he learned to mask his criticisms of the authorities in allegorical novels. After communism's collapse, he helped draft a new constitution and found a wider readership. Ian Thomson reports >>

Plucky Little Estonia by Doris Lessing

by Doris Lessing

28 June 2003The SpectatorDoris Lessing reviews Treading Air >>

The Writer of a Small Nation by Jaan Kross

The writer of a small nation is, on the whole, primarily a member of that small nation. He is a member since his birth, and long before the others recognise him as an already existing or a future writer. When contemplating the problems of a writer of a small nation, one should therefore start with the problems of belonging to a small nation. Because these problems, if indeed they exist, are imbibed from his infancy. But to what extent and if at all, such problems exist? >>

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