Short stories


Satisfaction (Short stories, Estonian)
Published by Ilukirjandus, 2004, pp. 174

Ehlvest is often rated as one of the most intriguing post-modern prose writers in Estonia. Indeed, he characteristically constructs different personae, mixes apparently disparate storylines and blurs the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction.
Whereas his previous collection of stories ‘A Horse From Nowhere’ was an impressive conceptual work which prompted some critics to treat it as a novel, the current release is slightly more low-key - which is not to say that ‘Satisfaction’ is a step back. Rather it is a step aside.
Parody and pastiche are evident but subtle, nowhere as enjoyable as in the opening story, ‘One’s Own Kõiv’, a reference to senior colleague Madis Kõiv. Ehlvest’s command of the mixing of different lines of action is best represented by the eerie ‘Torop’. Ürgar Helves, Ehlvest’s alter ego from his previous book, also makes his appearance.
Even though he might well be accused of occasionally being too cryptic for his own good, Ehlvest is one of the few Estonian authors who maintains a global touch in addition to capturing something uniquely Estonian.

Text by Aare Pilv and Berk Vaher

First published in the Estonian Literary Magazine

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