To truly understand an Estonian, you must first know the Truth and Justice pentalogy by the Estonian literary classic A. H. Tammsaare (1878–1940). English translation of the first volume, titled Vargamäe has been published in the UK by Vagabond Voices and all the other volumes will follow soon.

80 years passed from the funeral day of the beloved Estonian classic on March 5, 2020. On that day we celebrated the publishing of the first volume in English translation and the global success of the film based upon Tammsaare’s original work with an event at the Estonian Writers’ House. Many foreign diplomats and representatives of cultural institutes attended this informative cultural evening. Allan Cameron, publisher of Truth and Justice in the UK and Tanel Toom, director of Truth and Justice together with Maarja Vaino, a Tammsaare expert and director of the Tallinn Literary Centre opened up the essence of this literary masterpiece.
The event was organized by the Estonian Literature Centre, the Tallinn Literary Centre and the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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