Estonia was on stage at the Turku Book Fair, 4 to 6 October, 2013.
As tradition goes, Estonia is proudly present at the book fairs of our Nordic neighbours. Turku Book Fair witnessed Andrei Hvostov launching his Passion of Sillamäe (Sillamäen kärsimysnäytlemä), translated into Finnish by Sanna Immanen. Doris Kareva, Eeva Park, Kätlin Kaldmaa, Jürgen Rooste and Kalju Kruusa together with their translator Hannu Oittinen read out their poems from the bilingual collection 8+8, published by NyNorden. Justin Petrone introduced his two volumes of My Estonia. Tiit Aleksejev read out chapters of his novel The Pilgrimage (Pyhiinvaellus), translated into Finnish by Hannu Oittinen.
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